Some Of The Many 100 Book Reviews Of A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear

By: Stanley Popovich

Here are just a small sample of  book reviews of Stan Popovich’s popular book “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” For more information about Stan’s helpful  book and to read Stan’s free mental health articles please go to  If you know of anyone who could  use Stan’s valuable information on fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction please send them to his website. Thank you.


Strongly informational,

By Janet Gibson

I am a Licensed Therapist who works with clients dealing with anxiety. Sometimes people can get weighed down or confused by all the information out there. This is a short, but strongly informational read that doesn’t contain a lot of the “fluff” that most books have just to fill pages. It provides real world applications and examples regarding anxiety and fear. I appreciate Stanley Popovich’s straightforward approach.


Great Layman’s Guide!!,

By icounselu

Popovich, who claims only to be a layman, does exactly as he claims to do by offering a layman’s guide to managing fear. The book is written in such a way that anyone can glean some great information and tools of how to understand and manage fear. As a counselor, I understand there are more intricate details but oftentimes the best thing for clients is simple things and this book offers just that.



Awesome Book

By Gordon R. Estes, Jr.

Stanley has hit the nail on the head with his reccomendations of a three tiered approach to dealing with fear. Very well put together and accessible to all ages.



Divine Intervention!,

By christina sciammas

Good illustrations of practical and easy techniques one can use to combat fear and anxiety- all within a Christian context.


A great starting point to thinking about how fear/anxiety is present in our lives!,

By Heather E. DeKeyser

The author does a good job of explaining fear and ways to manage it so the average person can understand. The examples of managing fear in this book are also easily applicable to the daily lives of readers.The author mentions this is not a “be all end all” to managing fear/anxiety, but is a great starting point for those thinking of entering counseling or therapy.

easy entry into the problem of fear,

By T. Lucking “SeattleBallard

This book is exactly what it claims to be – a LAYMAN’s guide to managing fear. It can be read in one sitting. It is inspirational and clear. The author uses some examples to build upon the basic presentation of ideas for managing fear. The 3 categories of counseling, non-resistant, and spiritual are very helpful in framing the approaches to treating fear. The best treatment is using all three. The book is not long yet it provides an immersion into the topic of fear along with specific techniques to manage it. There is a resource section and tips on getting started. Anxiety and fear along with depression are the most common mental health problems humans face. This book provides and easy entry into dealing with fear. If anything else it acknowledges that you are not alone with this problem and there are some easy basic steps to deal with it.



A helpful resource!,

By Andrea McCartney

This is an easy, quick read for the average lay person or professional. I would recommend this guide to anyone in the helping profession or anyone that struggles with fear and anxiety. Many people tend to ignore, block out, or distract themselves from fearful thoughts and ideas, but the problem remains and it unknowingly affects their life. The author uses various examples to help people understand how to process and face their fears. The end result is a more balanced and realistic view of reality. A very helpful resource that I would recommend to my clients!



Book serves it’s stated purpose… is affordable… and a quick read,

By T. Stone “book terrain

This book is a super quick read and provides many practical tips people can start implementing right away to help them get over their fears. I thought the examples of how the techniques work were excellent and make it easy for people to figure out how to use the techniques in their own life. The author does have a chapter on how belief in God can help people who have such a belief overcome fear. I thought it was informational (and not that the author was advocating for everyone to be a Christian) and as long as the reader doesn’t get irrationally offended by the mere mention of the topic, I think it is useful to know that your fear will dramatically subside should you be open to believing in a benign omniscient being is watching out for you. The author’s writing skill is adequate.



A good basic guideline for managing fear

By Chandra E Chaikin

I felt this was a good basic guideline for managing fear. Although, I believe the 12-Step principle of “Letting Go and Letting God” is a great tool for dealing with all sorts of difficult emotions, this book only references Christianity and not other belief systems in the context of managing fear. Since the author states he is not a psychologist nor a clergyman, one might expect a broader perspective. However, as far as covering reliable tools for managing fear in layman’s terms, I thought Mr. Popovich did well. I would especially recommend this book for adult professionals who do not mind the Christian influence. Chandra Chaikin, MS, LMFT, owner of the Bay Area Counseling Center


A good starting point

By Melanie A. Sivley

This book is a good starting point for managing anxiety. As a therapist, I struggled with the lack of depth in many areas, but for someone just beginning to learn about their anxiety or for someone with anxiety in only a one or two areas of their life, this book could be useful. I’ve read a lot of reviews that struggled with the Christian perspective on anxiety and I disagree. I often address spirituality as a source of comfort for my clients (and believe it myself!) I enjoyed several of the bible verses that were used as examples. Even for non-christians, the premise still stands, a faith in a higher power of any sort can help quiet fears.


Quick, easy read; great for those with Christian values

By Laura Diffendal

Stanley’s book is a quick, easy read with concrete examples and interventions. For those with Christian based values and generalized anxiety, these steps are very helpful. They are organized in a useful way and the book can be referred back to again and again as needed. Anxiety is a lifelong chronic issue for most of us, and having a simple and step by step guide is a great tool to managing it.



Quick reference of effective tools for managing fear

By Carrie Filson

I appreciate the concise, easy to understand format of this book. If you’re looking to learn solid strategies to manage the chronic worries that plague you daily, start here! Disclaimer: do not get discouraged if you find these strategies aren’t helpful right away. Fear is a very strong emotion and it takes practice and discipline to implement these great tools effectively. Don’t give up just because you try it once and it doesn’t work. It’s a process of re-training your brain how to function more logically and less fearfully and that’s takes hard work! Just keep practicing!


You need not be Christian to benefit from this book

By Leigh Martin

A Laymen’s Guide to Managing Fear…is a quick read with a lot of helpful strategies and relevant examples. You need not be Christian go benefit from it.



Very helpful, self-help book

By Theresa M. Bonesteel

A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear is created as a self-help aid for those struggling with fear. The use of individual examples helps the reader relate to the character’s specific issue, fear response and ideas to overcome them. He offers practical suggestions that include changing thoughts, overcoming low self-confidence, and also a faith-based component for those who choose to include this piece into their recovery process. The author comments about using this material for those who can benefit, but also encourages the reader to find a professional counselor to help work through more complicated fear issues. This book contains solid, basic cognitive behavioral help to foster change.



A good supplement to therapy,

By Elands “Elands I believe this book is best for someone who is involved in therapy or has been in the past and is looking for a reference tool to use as a “booster” or reminder of skills. It has good information and the Christian basis will be a draw for individuals who have a strong faith. It is as it promises to be, a guide, in easy to read, easy to understand language.



Readable and concise,

By marianne Harms

Stanley Popovich writes a concise and specific program for dealing with fear that includes psychological and religious approaches. The reader can feel his commitment to his own process and beliefs in Christian teaching. It is spot on for those who share his faith in God as defined in the Bible and Christian teaching and also for the extremely helpful psychological tools outlined throughout the book.



Practical strategic behavior skills from a Christian perspective.,

By Charlyn Prather

In his e-book, Mr. Popovich provides strategic behavior skills that he’s researched by interviewing counselors and clergy as well as drawing from his own life experiences. The book teaches the reader how to break problem situations down into small, manageable steps. With the assist of biblical passages from a Christian perspective, the reader can gain faith based strength to begin the work of conquering their day to day fears.

Easy read, good information,

By Elizabeth Earnshaw

As a therapist working with clients dealing with anxiety I found this book to be an easy read that would be helpful to my clients just beginning to manage their fears, worries, and anxieties. It gives simple and succinct examples of how to manage fear with real life examples. I do not have many books to recommend to my clients that want Christian based resources so I will definitely recommend this book to my Christian clients in the future. I think it is important to keep in mind that this book is helpful in getting some basic skills that you can use at home but if you find that your life is being frozen due to anxiety this book would best be paired with therapy or other types of professional support.


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