A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear Customer Reviews

By: Stanley Popovich


Here are just a small sample of  book reviews of Stan Popovich’s popular book “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” For more information about Stan’s helpful  book and to read Stan’s free mental health articles please go to http://www.managingfear.com  If you know of anyone who could  use Stan’s valuable information on fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction please send them to his website. Thank you.



Great tips on ways to combat fear!!

This work was easily read and understood. It offers some practical advice and provides good tips on dealing with fear. I like that it provides various solutions not just one! I also love the fact that it discusses the use of religion as one way to handle fear! By: Miss Clipps–Posted On Amazon


A Layman’s Guide to Fear, Useful and Applicable

Mr. Popovich has prepared a fairly thorough manual to address common fears and anxiety. Mr. Popovich illustrates for readers ways to intellectually separate emotion from the process of dealing with fear. Mr. Popovich provides several pages at the end of the book for notes and experiences, and those pages may better be utilized after each chapter to exemplify how the reader has implemented the techniques, thus allowing the reader to assess the usefulness of each technique.By: Kelly Mayer–Posted On Amazon


A How-To book about Overcoming Fear

This book by Stanley Popovich gives three different but coinciding methods of overcoming fear, not just that which paralyzes us, but even the smaller fear that nags at the back of the mind. At the end there are several blank pages for notes and to try these ways to overcome fear. To use this book effectively, one should have a notebook (or the pages from the end of the book) and practice each method for overcoming their fears as it comes up in the book. I would recommend it and the references in it to work on any fears you may have, not just big ones, but even the little ones that can sometimes paralyze you. By: Patricia Merriam–Posted On Amazon


Practical advice on managing fear and anxiety

Stanley Popovich’s book A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity, and Non-Resistant Methods is a practical book for the person challenged with anxiety and fear. I thought it provided many examples of strategies for coping with what can be very debilitating. The facts that anxiety and fear are very complex and “one size doesn’t fit all” when addressing the challenges of anxiety are key. Many times we need to try a number of approaches in order to get results. The focus on using our minds to analyze our fears, practice different approaches, coach ourselves, or view the situation from a different perspective all are excellent suggestions described in the book. As a trained clinical social worker, I would suggest this book as an excellent means of educating oneself about anxiety and fear, and developing a self-help plan for coping. By: Mollie Conrad–Posted On Amazon


Great Read for Everyone!

Stanley Popvich’s book is an easy read that will benefit both professional and nonprofessional individuals. It is thoughtful, reflective and captures the subject matter well. Everyone has experienced fear at one time or another in their lives. Stanley’s specificity in style of writing allows the reader to relate to the subject matter. By: Lucille Force—Posted On Amazon


Easy read with sound advice

Through poignant, real-life examples, Stanley Popovich offers a self-help guide to handling fear. Chapter 3 introduces a reliance on God’s help to develop a logical and devotional step-by-step process to work through and conquer one’s fears. Admittedly not an expert in the field of psychology, Popovich presents a logical, easy read. By: Joanne Weir—Posted On Amazon


A common sense look at fear

This is an excellent down to earth look at how people can cope with fear. Popovich gives excellent examples of how to change one’s thought processes regarding fear and how to turn feelings around. He uses his faith in God as a strong example of how people should not be controlled by fear, but rather should trust in God and stand strong. While this book is not a quick fix, it is quite enlightening and a pleasant read. It is written in plain English – not in medical/psychological language that few can understand. I would recommend this book to anyone who has to face something that scares them. Popovich’s ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen’ style of writing keeps the subject matter light, but sensitive to the reader’s plight as well.By: Sandyma—Posted On Amazon


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